ServiceMaster “casual day” fundraiser and corporate match contributes over $10,600 to local flood & disaster relief

(From left) Sarita Price, Stephanie Brookshaw, Loretta Hurt, Bryce Haugsdahl, Peter Tosches, Heather Wilson, Maurie Yates & Joy Bower. (Click photo for larger picture onscreen)

Partnering with United Way of the Mid-South, ServiceMaster associates have come together to raise funds for local emergency and disaster relief efforts.

ServiceMaster is supporting the Emergency Management Agency’s Long Term Recovery Committee with a gift through United Way of the Mid-South. Last week, ServiceMaster’s Memphis campuses held a “casual week” fundraiser, where associates could donate $20 and wear jeans to work for a week. The easy-going event raised over $7,100, and after the ServiceMaster organization matched 50 cents for every dollar, the final amount donated to help people recover from the flooding and storms last April and May reached $10,689.

We thank ServiceMaster for their commitment to helping people across the region through their support of United Way of the Mid-South!

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