ServiceMaster begins its United Way fundraising drive with a leadership breakfast, picnic and other activities to share information

Brenda Taylor (left) and Heather Wilson enjoy some time outdoors at one of the United Way booths during ServiceMaster’s company-wide picnic last week.

ServiceMaster held a leadership breakfast so employees could interact with ten of United Way’s network partner agencies for “roundtable discussions” during the company’s fundraising kickoff events last week.

This year’s  ServiceMaster campaign for United Way marks the fourth consecutive year that the company has participated in giving for our community’s common good. ServiceMaster’s fundraising drive has grown dramatically since that first campaign, and all indications are that ServiceMaster will have another amazing year of supporting our community in 2012.

Hank Mullany

Hank Mullany, Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMaster said that last year’s great campaign made company associates very proud. He also observed that meeting representatives from United Way network partner agencies and learning more about how they help people in need across our community was very humbling.

ServiceMaster rejoined the United Way network of supporters in 2009 after a ten-year absence and raised $158,000. The following year, the company extended the opportunity to participate to all associates nationwide and increased to a dramatic $236,000. Last year, there was a surge of people supporting at Leadership Giving levels ($500 or more in a single year) which helped bring the total to $315,000. In addition, ServiceMaster also provided a gift of new laptop computers to United Way to help with staff and volunteer training needs.

Dan Marks, executive sponsor of ServiceMaster’s United Way campaign (and a member of United Way’s Board of Directors) talked to associates about having a successful campaign.

Dan Marks is looking forward to an even stronger result this year and is sharing information with his co-workers, emphasizing that contributions go directly to help our local community.

“We have a big presence in Memphis and a big presence in the country. The dollars you invest in United Way support important nonprofit agencies. All you need to do is ask people to think about giving,” Marks said.

ServiceMaster also had a company-wide picnic with employees working at booths with food, games and carnival type attractions earlier this month. United Way’s Loaned Executives, volunteers and ServiceMaster associates all worked together to make the picnic a success and give ServiceMaster employees more information about how their gifts impact local education, financial stability and health.

ServiceMaster associates, United Way Loaned Executives and volunteers worked the United Way booth at the ServiceMaster/United Way picnic to help raise money for our community.
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