Second United Way fundraising campaign countdown meeting celebrated with all the bells (no whistles just yet)

Celebrating AT&T’s grant to EITCA’s work: (from left) Bryce Haugsdahl, Trisha Baggett, Shayne Jernigan, Bruce Hopkins, Joe DiNicolantonio, Chuck Thomas, Yvonne Howard and Reginald Tate.

General Campaign Chairman Joe DiNicolantonio (Regions Bank) led staff, loaned executives and volunteers in our second countdown meeting on Wednesday, “ringing” in the great totals and stories of success.

DiNicolantonio brought two bells to the meeting, one decidedly larger than the other. The smaller bell was for stories of normal success, while the larger one was used to acknowledge big news about the fundraising campaign. As staff and Loaned Executives gave their reports, they chose which bell to ring as they announced their particular campaign successes. Needless to say, there was a lot of bell ringing!

Joe DiNicolantonio shows how bell ringing can champion our United Way cause, and more importantly, the campaigns that are above board so far.

A group of civic leaders and business leaders joined staff and Loaned Executives at this week’s countdown meeting, including Chuck Thomas, Regional Director of External Affairs at AT&T; Trisha Baggett, AT&T Telecommunications contractor, Bruce Hopkins, President of First Tennessee Bank, Shayne Jernigan, Sr. VP Consumer Financial Services at First Tennessee Bank (and First Tennessee’s 2012 United Way Campaign Chairman), TN State Senator Reginald Tate, USW Local 9-0771 President David Dortch (a member of the United Way Board of Directors) and Traci Stubblefield, Sr. Communications Specialist with FedEx.

“I salute each and every one of you. I got involved with United Way years ago and was doing exactly what you all are doing here today – and I continue to do it,” Hopkins said. “United Way and First Tennessee have a long history. I have had leadership roles, served on a number of boards and have had wonderful opportunities to help the community. God bless you all, and God bless United Way!”

FedEx is a very important part of our drive – the organization has led our community in

Traci Stubblefield (FedEx) tells United Way staff and LEs about the the “Step Up” Tocqueville program at FedEx again this year.

giving by contributing over $5 million each year for several years running. FedEx Senior Communications Specialist Traci Stubblefield reported that FedEx was already halfway to its projected total this year.

Stubblefield reported that last year’s creation of an exciting “Step Up” program to increase the number of Tocqueville Society givers ($10,000 or more) is in full swing again this year.

“Our Step Up program is really taking off this year, and we have already added a new Tocqueville member,” she said. “We’re still anxiously awaiting the total raised from the FedEx 5K for United Way last month. I would also like to say great job to our FedEx Loaned Executives who are hitting the streets to raise money and representing us well.”

AT&T “primed the pump” for its support by presenting $4,000 in grant money for United Way’s work to improve finanical stability through the Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance (EITCA). The grant will be used to provide technical support for EITCA’s work.  AT&T also runs a fundraising campaign among its employees for United Way and that total will be shared later in the campaign year.

This year’s campaign total-to-date is higher than the total at this time last year. While total-to-date comparisons are not completely accurate predictors of the final campaign total (organizations routinely change the weeks in which fundraising drives are conducted from year to year) they are very helpful in establishing if the campaign is going well and identifying areas for potential growth.

The Major Firms 3C division took the countdown meeting’s number one spot, raising 330% of its weekly goal (division chairmen Doug Dowdell, Mike Crosson, David May) and getting the biggest bell-rings of the week.

Other great “bell-ringing” division results from Wednesday’s meeting included:

Services 4B (division chairmen Lee Meredith, Dan Marks)
Individuals/Direct Mail (division chairman Joe DiNicolantonio)
Metropolitan 9 (division chairmen Dan Moore, Kim Moore & Tom Colanero)
The Combined Federal Campaign (division chairwoman Carolyn Chapman)
Enterprise 4A (division chairman Gray Carter)
Commercial 6 (division chairwoman Ursula Roman)

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