Stories: Your support helped seven-year-old Samantha find her childhood again

This story comes courtesy of Emily Joyner with The Memphis Child Advocacy Center, one of United Way’s partner agencies helping children and youth succeed. Names and images are changed to protect privacy.

Samantha's story

Children suffering the worst nightmares of abuse are helped by your United Way support (image changed for privacy)

7-year-old Samantha was having nightmares, episodes of unexpected fear, and unexplained stomach aches. Her mother was at a loss to understand her behavior until she discovered the horrible, unimaginable truth – Samantha had been sexually abused by her 12-year-old brother over a period of several months.

Samantha’s mother sought help from one of United Way’s partner agencies that helps children and families work through the emotions and fears connected to this most personal of crises, The Memphis Child Advocacy Center.

Samantha and her mother attended eight individual therapy sessions with a therapist to help Samantha find a way back to life as a carefree child again. Samantha’s brother went to live with another family member and was made to attend offender treatment and all proper legal steps were taken.

After completing her sessions, Samantha and her mother reported that her symptoms had ceased and treatment goals had been achieved.

“Because of this great success, Samantha’s counseling with us could end,” the agency counselor noted. “Samantha’s mother told us she was so thankful for the therapy and that she was pleasantly surprised when she found out that her daughter actually enjoyed our weekly sessions!”

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