Raymond James Morgan Keegan brings two great charitable histories together in support of United Way

“It doesn’t matter where you grew up or what you do for a living…what is clear is that our country, our city, our communities need us now more than ever. There is no greater way to impact the community than through United Way.”

– R. Patrick Kruczek

The culture of giving at Raymond James Morgan Keegan is strong and it starts at the top. Raymond James Morgan Keegan kicked off its United Way fundraising campaign last Friday, with a focus on how both Thomas James and Allen B. Morgan Jr. have been strong supporters of the United Way movement to improve local education, financial stability and health. James is President of Raymond James Morgan Keegan, while Morgan is Chairman Emeritus (retired) from Morgan Keegan and Vice Chairman of Regions Financial Corporation.

Last year, Morgan Keegan raised over $687,969 for our campaign.  Earlier this Spring, Morgan Keegan announced that it was joining with Raymond James to

Milton Todd, Jr., United Way Fundraising Senior Director, talks to Raymond James Morgan Keegan associates about the organization’s strong legacy of giving.

create one of the largest full-service wealth management and capital market firms in the country. Since then, Morgan Keegan and Raymond James associates have been working to fully integrate both firms.

R. Patrick Kruczek, President and CEO of Morgan Keegan & Company, talked to associates about the organization’s history of consistent giving to impact our community.

“Morgan Keegan has been a great supporter of United Way, going back to the founding of the firm. It has always been important to Allen Morgan,” he said.  “We talk about shared culture, and this is a great opportunity for us to come together around support for United Way.”

Kruczek shared his pride that Raymond James Morgan Keegan associates are among the community leaders in per capita giving and in the number of employee philanthropists who give at Tocqueville levels (giving $10,000

R. Patrick Kruczek

or more in a single year to United Way).

Kruczek added that technology is streamlining the campaign, with donations being made online this year instead of passing out pledge cards or writing out paper checks.

“What’s not going to be different is that giving is as important as it has ever been,” he said.

“As we talk with people about the campaign, it’s always important to remind them that what we have done throughout the history of our organization has made a major impact in this community.”

Deborah Hester Harrison

“We (members of the Executive Committee) have all increased our efforts this year, so we’re starting this year’s United Way campaign ahead of where we were last year. And remember, we don’t tell people what to do and we don’t tell them how much to give.”

Other guest speakers at the kickoff included United Way Fundraising Senior Director Milton Todd, Jr., Girls Inc. President Deborah Hester Harrison and Knowledge Quest CEO Marlon Foster. Both agency leading presenters (Harrison and Foster) shared stories about how gifts to United Way are working to impact lives across our community.

We will continue to follow this campaign and share results in a later story on the United Way News Center.

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