Pull Up A Chair: United Way Offers A Seat at its Own Table at “Feast of Dreams”

Tonight (December 7, 2017), United Way of the Mid-South is hosting our first foray of a round-table called the Feast of Dreams. At this innovative-solutions dinner, we have invited a cross-section of leaders – faith, business, young professionals, educators, health leaders, financiers, nonprofits, government, low-income residents, etc. – to all discuss the question of the evening, “as the most generous and poorest city, how do we all unite to make fighting poverty a priority for this community?” Lori Spicer Robertson

What’s a better way sit down with a diverse group of Memphians and discuss the city’s most pertinent challenges? Why, over dinner – especially a dinner sponsored by Chef Erling Jensen where participants can have a candid dialogue on topics including poverty, education, health, and financial stability.

“All great, uninhibited change begins at the dinner table,” says Lori Spicer Robertson, Chief Communications and Engagement Officer, United Way of the Mid-South. “Many people talk about our city’s challenges but in our own separate silos and communities. One way to broaden the conversation is to have it with people we do not interact with every day and hear the narratives of their experiences.”

Erling Jensen

The 100 attendees include representatives from the public and private sector, activists, media representatives, academia, leaders of faith groups, and clients of different service agencies and organizations. The conversation only begins at the table, but the relationships and actions of the attendees made after the dinner make all the difference in how Memphis moves forward.

“We not only believe in diversity of thought but the diversity of solutions and experiences. It is these active and provocative conversations, which will be held here that will  advance the civic dialogue and investment around poverty in our city, inspiring the next wave of progression and inclusion in how we all work together in addressing these issues in the new year,” says Rev. Kenneth S. Robinson M.D., President and CEO of United Way of the Mid-South.

Mingling will start at 5:30 p.m.  followed by dinner and dialogue at 6 p.m.

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