Posters at United Way office ask readers to “Remember The Community Impact Fund”

Late yesterday afternoon, black posters with bright words started appearing all around our United Way office. If you walked to the water fountain, you saw the posters. If you went to the mailing room, there they were. Even in the privacy of the restrooms, one encountered more posters!

The posters ask readers to “Remember The Community Impact Fund.” This message is a reminder to staff, Loaned Executives, donors and volunteers that we hope people will contribute to this vital fund in our next fundraising campaign. The Community Impact Fund gives allocations volunteers opportunities to review the needs of our community and nonprofit agency budgets so they can direct gifts in a way that produces the strongest impact on local challenges and issues.

Gifts to the Community Impact Fund support United Way’s network of nonprofit agencies that make a difference across our region. If you wish to read personal stories about how Community Impact Funds make a difference everyday, click here.

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