Our work with the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce

We are thankful to local citizens who have communicated with us about the recent matter of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce’s recommendations to the City of Memphis regarding its pension and medical plans. We have seen there is both accurate and inaccurate information being shared on social media and in reporting related to this issue. We are gathering more information about the matter (representatives from the Chamber met with several of our staff earlier this afternoon).

United Way’s role as a leader in helping people and bringing sectors together to help our community requires us to work with correct information. We ask for patience as we learn more about the situation.

United Way’s work with the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce is centered on the Chamber’s efforts to grow the climate of economic success in our region.

As most citizens know, our region faces critical issues due to poverty. Memphis ranks either first or second in many reports on major metro areas with high poverty rates. It is clear that people wanting to work and escape the challenges of poverty need jobs, and our Chamber is a local champion for bringing new businesses to our area. Increasing financial stability is a top priority for our United Way, as it is for the Chamber.

In addition, the Chamber is involved in pre-kindergarten and early education efforts. This is another area that is a top priority for our United Way.

Our involvement with the Chamber has also helped us make contacts with local businesses. These types of connections help lead to raising resources for local programs and initiatives which help people across our area. Being a member of the Chamber helps United Way, and boosts our efforts to improve lives in our region.

United Way has connections with hundreds of organizations across the Mid-South, and we are grateful for the good work that volunteers, labor unions, businesses, organizations, collaboratives, faith-based groups, nonprofits and academia accomplish for local people when they work with our United Way.

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