Nonprofits and Memphis City Schools meet to discuss education, community and social services

This morning, representatives from Memphis City Schools and local nonprofit organizations met at United Way to discuss new ideas related to education in our community.

Wayne Booker, Interim Director of Student Support at MCS, presented the morning’s speakers: Dr. Linda Kennard (Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction for MCS) shared a proposed plan for the purpose of engaging the participants in reflection, conversation and discussion. Dr. Annie Conway (Director of PreK-16 Innovation for MCS) presented information about the work underway to provide a greater continuum for students in PreK thru 3rd grade. Dalton Nickleberry (Coordinator of Community Resources for MCS) discussed how community service agencies can work with MCS schools to improve the lives of students and parents.

The MCS presentations and conversations with nonprofit leaders helped both groups better understand the challenges and opportunities each faces in the work to positively impact education across our community.

This morning’s meeting was a continuation of earlier discussions between nonprofits and Memphis City Schools about finding ways to work together to enhance the education experience children receive in our community. Additional conversations between the groups will continue to share innovative ideas and practices, as well as opportunities for greater collaboration.

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