More numbers and statistics on how your United Way gifts impact local lives

Your Support Impacts LivesData collected during our recent allocations process reveals great statistics about how your support of our United Way network is improving life in our community:

Prenatal education: At-risk mothers in one program saw 93% of babies were born with healthy weights, greater than the community at-risk average of 86.7%.

Scholastic help: 103 students in tutoring programs (with either a personal tutor or training software on a computer) or needing a connection with the registration process obtained their General Equivalency Degree (GED) .

Emergency Assistance: 14,759 people were assisted with emergency food, shelter, clothing and/or transportation.

Responsible home ownership: 769 people attended home buyer education classes, which helped lead to purchase of 198 homes.

Preventing foreclosures: 465 people participated in foreclosure prevention classes, resulting in 134 families remaining in their homes.

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