MLG&W will ‘Walk United’ at Mud Island on Saturday, June 25th

Memphis Light, Gas & Water employees will hold a Walk United event to support United Way on Saturday, June 25

Memphis Light Gas & Water employees are gearing to go walking for health as part their first annual MLG&W Walk United Fundraiser Saturday, June 25 beginning at 10:30 a.m. at Mud Island River Park in downtown Memphis, TN.

“This is a new component of our annual United Way campaign,” said Allena Hutcheson, coordinator and chair for MLG&W’s United Way Campaign. Participants are raising money through sponsorships from individuals, organizations and businesses.

“Every year, we plan ‘something on the side’ to bring in more money for United Way,” Hutcheson said.  MLG&W employees respond to the work the United Way network performs to help people affected by fires, storms, loss of limbs, blindness, Downs Syndrome, major medical emergencies, all kinds of disabilities, homelessness, and missing and exploit/abused children, Hutcheson explained.

“The list of issues and needs that United Way addresses goes on and on,” she said. “The situation is made even worse by the challenging economy. We are part of United Way’s ‘Live United’ movement, and we are ‘walking united.’ This will be a yearly event from here on out,” Hutcheson said.

Jerry R. Collins, Jr.

MLG&W is continually a strong supporter of United Way’s work to improve local education, financial stability and health. Jerry R. Collins, Jr., MLG&W’s President and CEO, led our regional fundraising drive in 2009 as General Campaign Chairman and serves as a vital member of our local United Way Board of Directors.

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