MLGW “powers” their UW campaign, raising over $643,000!

MLGW’s fantastic campaign raised $643,378 for our community!


MLGW employees raised $643,378 for United Way of the Mid-South

The MLGW training center was filled with excitement last January as MLGW United Way Key Persons, Steering Committee members, Loaned Executives and United Way staff gathered to celebrate the successful conclusion of MLGW’s United Way fundraising campaign.

While MLGW’s fundraising campaign for United Way had concluded in November, the co-chairs and committee members waited until January to announce the total to be sure every donation had been counted and confirmed before releasing their results.

 MLGW President and CEO Jerry Collins Jr. thanked the assembled group for their stellar efforts to help United Way’s network of care. Collins is a member of the United Way Board of Directors.  Collins then thanked all MLGW employees, and recognized the work of Steering Committee Co-Chairs Nedra Bailey, HR Suppt. Svcs., and Allena Hutcheson, Water Matrix – Mgr’s Ofc.

“This wonderful result shows that MLGW employees understand that there are some folks in the Mid-South who don’t know where their next meal is coming from,” said Bryce Haugsdahl, President of United Way of the Mid-South. “MLGW employees gave their all and raised over $643,000 for United Way this year, and that is a huge help!”

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