Methodist kicks off campaign, encourages employee giving to United Way

Methodist Le Bonheur employees have a history of generously supporting our United Way fundraising campaign. Campaign leaders at Methodist announced their goals at the hospital’s most recent Quarterly Business Review.

Gary Shorb

“We need your help and we need your commitment and leadership as well,” said Gary Shorb, President & Chief Executive Officer, Methodist Le Bonheur when speaking to his fellow employees. “Our success depends on our beliefs, and it depends on our choices and our actions.”

Shorb reminded employees that the health care organization is doing important work that will define what Methodist hospital is for years to come.

Methodist Hospital’s work in the community makes a big difference for our region and the organization’s employees also improve local education, financial stability and health through participation in our United Way campaign

“It’s really important that we have successful United Way campaigns,” Shorb said. “We have in the past and we thank all of you.”

Edward Rafalski

Edward Rafalski, Senior V. P. of Strategic Planning and Marketing with Methodist, is this year’s volunteer Employee Campaign Chairman for the Methodist Le Bonheur United Way campaign. Rafalski says it is fitting that healthcare employees do such a good job of demonstrating caring. H also noted that any one of these employees could be the recipient of help provided by United Way’s network of agencies. He observed that if each employee at Methodist gave $1 per pay period, then they can raise over $270,000 as a system.

“The power of a dollar is pretty strong,” he said, adding, “I am still new at this but I am truly astounded by the generosity of our associates, and how willing we all are to stand up for this worthy cause,” he said.

Rafalski told Methodist staff how United Way helps strengthen the community and how just a few dollars from each paycheck can help families find emergency housing during a disaster, combat high infant mortality rates by educating soon-to-be parents, help a child that is a victim of sexual assault get the counseling he or she needs, or assist programs that educate homebuyers how to prevent future foreclosures in the Mid-South area.

“We encourage you to keep giving as much as you can in the coming weeks,” Rafalski said. “We can do this folks. We can show them what Methodist is really made of, one of the most generous organizations in the community. Everyone is counting on us to be successful this year.”

Elise Fuller (center, between the screens) talks with Methodist employees about help she and her daughter received from a United Way partner agency.

Guest speaker Elise Fuller spoke about her success with Le Bonheur Early Intervention and Development Program (LEAD), a United Way network partner agency that provides services to help meet the needs of children with developmental delays. Fuller talked about the impact the program has had on her daughter, who was born premature with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. LEAD has given her and her daughter important teaching and developmental tools to maximize their quality of life.

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