Loaned Executive training day two: United Way President speaks with volunteer team

United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl (standing, left) speaks with this year’s team of Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives.

Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives heard about challenges and changes in United Way’s work to improve people’s lives from President Bryce Haugsdahl earlier this morning.

“As a United Way system, when we looked at the work we support to impact people’s lives we found our funded programs have three main goals in common – improving education, financial stability, and health. Sometimes a program works in just one area, sometimes in two or all three,” Haugsdahl said. He observed that success the three categories contribute to an overall higher quality of life.

United Way of the Mid-South President Bryce Haugsdahl

Haugadahl also shared how developments in the local and national nonprofit sector are creating changes in the work United Way does for our community.

“The number of nonprofit organizations in America has skyrocketed over the last ten years,” Haugsdahl noted. He shared that it is more necessary than ever before for United Way to bring groups together to share results and outcomes so community work is better aligned, reduces duplication and achieves positive results for people in need.

Haugsdahl also provided information about the volunteer leadership of our local United Way and gave a brief overview of the organization’s history since its founding in 1923.

The volunteers will continue in training exercises through the end of the week.

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