Loaned Executive training day three: Volunteers learn more about community impact and communications

Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives entered their third day of training at United Way learning about the organization’s work to impact the Mid-South through community collaborations and allocations committee decisions.

Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives heard from Community Impact staff and Marketing and Communications staff this morning.

The Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives heard from United Way’s Community Impact department and learned about the challenges of bringing multiple partners with varying agendas together to address common needs.

In addition to learning about United Way’s work around education and financial stability, the team gained more knowledge through discussion exercises designed to personalize the struggles that community-building staff and volunteers face all the time. The team also participated in a mock allocations process so they could learn about the difficulties our volunteers face when trying to distribute limited funds to multiple groups doing good work to address important issues.

The team started the morning with a brief introduction to some of the tools and products created by United Way’s marketing and communications team, with a spotlight on the United Way News Center (the website you are reading right now). Volunteers were shown how they could learn more about United Way and the lives the network changes in our Mid-South area.

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