Loaned Executive Training Day 4: Telling the story

Today’s United Way’s Loaned Executive and Sponsored Representative training sessions are focused on the art of telling the story – in particular, the art of telling the story of how the United Way network helps improve people’s lives and change our community.

Jay Hollingshed shares details about United Way’s work and importance to give the class examples of making a presentation in our community.

The challenge can be considerable. After all, in most cases a volunteer only has a few minutes to explain why it is important to invest in United Way to improve education, financial stability and health. Even after several days of training and learning, the work of speaking to an audience and trying to make a connection with them to convey how lives and neighborhoods are changed by the United Way system can be a daunting task.

Today’s training sessions are only the beginning of the team’s work of crafting their individual presentations. With help from veteran Loaned Executives, volunteers and the United Way staff, the team will refine and adjust their speeches. They will provide details people need to know when making a decision about giving and share information to help the community become more knowledgeable about United Way.

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