From the Archive: Loaned Executive Alumni Association brings highly-trained volunteers together to impact our community

George Edwards

The Loaned Executive Alumni Association (LEAA) is a group of local community volunteers who are working to support the work of United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign in our Mid-South area. The group is made up of people who have already been trained and served as Loaned Executives in the United Way and CFC fundraising campaigns.

LEAA President George Edwards is a long-time Loaned Executive champion of United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign’s work to improve our Mid-South community.

“The goal of the LEAA is to keep Loaned Executives connected to United Way and its mission to our community,” Edwards said.

Members of the LEAA have already served our community as a Loaned Executive – now they’re continuing to put that experience to work to help improve education, financial stability and health through assisting the United Way and Combined Federal Campaign’s work.

The team has already assembled a steering committee and continues to recruit members from previous United Way and CFC campaign drives. These highly-trained volunteers are already acquainted with the area’s nonprofit network, local businesses and other important organizations involved in addressing community issues.

You can visit the LEAA’s facebook page . “Like” the page and start following their work to impact our community today!

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