Learn about what’s going on in the Mid-South this summer with the CIM calendar!

CIM-partner-map-410x260CIM (Community Issues Management) is a great web resource for getting and providing information about our community. One component of CIM is particularly helpful in learning what’s going on across the Mid-South from month-to-month, the CIM calendar.

Utilize CIM to find local events planned for this summer, and send information about upcoming events. The CIM calendar pages are dedicated to sharing information about classes, seminars and other activities across the area.

CIM is a great resource for getting (and providing) community information.

CIM is a great resource for getting (and providing) community information.

United Way of the Mid-South is leading a partnership of organizations involved in training people to be more skilled with the CIM platform and providing community information to more and more people across our region. An increasing number of  citizens and nonprofits are becoming more familiar with CIM and its web-based collaborative management system, helping people frame, manage and take action on local complex issues.

So, if you are looking for current events going on throughout the Mid-South, visit the CIM calendar at http://www.cim-network.org/CIM/UWMS/Calendar/

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