Know your Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives

Loaned Executives & Sponsored Representatives make it possible for United Way to serve our community

Every year, volunteers from across the Mid-South serve our community as United Way Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives. These trained volunteers work alongside our United Way staff to spread awareness of our work and raise funds to support our network of nonprofit care.

Without these caring men and women, our organization simply could not raise the resources to support our area’s health and human service community.

To help you recognize our region’s Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives, we’re providing this Adobe Acrobat PDF document: LoanedExecutives2010 so you can see the volunteers, some of their workplaces and some of the sponsoring organizations which are making such an impact on our community this year.

We thank our Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives for all they do, and we thank the organizations which provide underwriting for this critical fundraising program.


About Dave Skorupa

Dave Skorupa is a member of the Communications team at United Way of the Mid-South, Memphis, TN.
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