From the Archive: John Crowe celebrates a triumphant $25.8 million fundraising campaign, introduces new General Campaign Chairman Joe DiNicolantonio

Joe DiNicolantonio congratulates John Crowe after the announcement that the most recent fundraising campaign for United Way of the Mid-South raised $25.8 million for our local nonprofit network of care.

United Way General Campaign Chairman John Crowe (President, Buckeye Technologies) concluded his work as the community’s lead fundraiser last Thursday and passed the baton of raising funds to another true leader in our community, Joe DiNicolantonio, Executive Vice President and West Tennessee Area President for Regions Bank.

Crowe’s final speech as General Campaign Chairman paid tribute to all the volunteers who helped him achieve an outstanding $25.8 million fundraising result. He recognized the great people from Buckeye Technologies and the United Way Campaign Cabinet who worked alongside him in leading the community effort. He also saluted the army of Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives, as well as United Way staff, for “always being ready to give whatever it takes” to raise support for our area’s nonprofit network of care. Crowe also highlighted the importance of agency tours and agency speakers, and made special mention of how support from organized labor contributed to the campaign’s success.

Martha Perine Beard, the newly-elected Chairman of the United Way Board of Directors, presented Crowe with a scrapbook of photos and stories highlighting his work as General Campaign Chairman along with a crystal plaque and a bouquet of flowers for his wife.

“We want to thank John on behalf of the United Way Board of Directors, all the volunteers and United Way staff. He has done so much to make this campaign successful – and then some. There’s no way to know the untold hours, energy and leadership that he gave to this campaign,” Perine-Beard said.

“This has been a great, great experience for me,” he said. “I have learned so much. I will never forget the experience, working with these great people and building great relationships.”

Joe DiNicolantonio

Crowe brought Joe DiNicolantonio to the stage to address the crowd and close out the meeting.

“I want to congratulate John,” DiNicolantonio said. “It’s an honor to serve as your new General Campaign Chairman. I can’t tell you how many people have already reached out to me on behalf of United Way. It’s all of you that make this campaign. We could not run the campaign and could not raise the funds without everyone here. I am looking forward to a great fundraising campaign working with our United Way staff.”

UPDATED: Read coverage in The Commercial Appeal here.

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