Job Corp technicians-in-training help United Way by updating EITCA laptops with new software

From left, Mitchell Pickens, Cliff Curry, Aaron Sanders, Ladarius Williams

Job Corps technicians-in-training (from left) Mitchell Pickens, Cliff Curry, Aaron Sanders, and Ladarius Williams

United Way of the Mid-South understands the importance of helping young people just getting started in careers. We were very pleased earlier this week when four Job Corps technicians-in-training helped update software on laptop computers used in our free Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance (EITCA) work.

Four computer service technicians-in-training from the Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center participated in a work-based training effort to strengthen skills learned in computer tech classes.

The technicians installed software on more than 60 laptop computers at United Way. The new software backs up the machines, so  programs and data are saved and can be restored to a new drive if necessary, making a system crash a minor inconvenience rather than a huge data disaster.

The technicians will be seeking work after training is completed. We wish Mitchell, Cliff, Aaron and Ladarius (see photo above) all the best and we enjoyed having you here!

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