Stories: UW partner gave Jim the ‘tools’ he needs to live a victorious life over addiction

This story comes courtesy of Trina McCray, Director of Community Outreach with Memphis Recovery Centers. Names and images have been changed to protect privacy.

“By God’s grace, I am 6 years clean and sober.”

Those words come from Jim, a patient of Memphis Recovery Centers, a United Way network partner agency. Jim says that he spent 60 days at the agency as the first steps to overcoming his addiction.

“I learned a lot about the disease of addiction and they gave me the tools to use to stay clean,” he said.  “I’ve used those tools many times. I know they work and I’ve added more to the toolbox.”

Jim went through treatments at the center and worked with counselors to overcome his addiction to drugs, specifically crack-cocaine. The therapy and counseling gave him the mental and emotional tools he needed to confront his addictions and, over time, give him victories in his battles against his cravings for drugs.

“I thought that when I put the dope down I was going to get my old life back,” he said, adding, “I’ve ended up with a life far better than I ever had before. I don’t have a lot of material things today, but what I have money can’t buy!”

Your Support Impacts LivesThe agency first started helping Jim through his addiction when he sat in the counselor’s office and cried about needing help. Jim knew he needed to change, but as he puts it, he “could not stop using,” until “God opened the doors” and he recognized that sobriety was the only option he had, other than death.

Today, Jim is active and looking for work, hoping to build on his new life and his future.

Thanks to your support, Jim and people like him who need a second chance can receive the tools they need to turn their backs on addictions and once again be productive members of our community. Your gifts to United Way make that possible for people, every day. Thank you for your support!

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