ITW / Paslode uses burgers, barbecues and baskets to help nail down its fundraising success

(From left) Robert Hunt, Michael Steward, Skip Sage and Zack Handley celebrate ITW/Paslode's impressive campaign at a recent UW countdown meeting

ITW/Paslode in Covington, Tennessee surprised the United Way staff and Loaned Executive volunteers Tuesday when Production Manager and UW champion Skip Sage enthusiastically announced that the company “busted it wide open this year” as 100% of its employees gave to this year’s United Way campaign.

ITW/Paslode raised an impressive $12,560, which may then be matched by their national office 2 to 1 for a total surpassing $37,000 for United Way’s work.

ITW/Paslode’s workforce is made up of mostly hourly employees. The plant manufactures nails which are used in nail guns for construction work. Like many industries connected to housing and manufacturing, ITW/Paslode had to streamline operations when the economy and building sectors were impacted in recent years. Despite these obstacles, the compassion of ITW/Paslode employees has kept giving to the community as a high priority and the plant’s employees expect this year’s national goal of over $11 million to be reached.

“We were challenged this year to raise 10% more than last year, with four less employees,” Sage said. “We had lost a couple of Leadership Givers ($500 or more), and so we knew we had to get started early.”

The company started raising money in April, even though their campaign technically begins in September. Employees used holiday-themed gift baskets to raise awareness of the campaign in the Spring and Summer months.

“We also cooked and gave meals at work,” Sage said. “We held hamburger dinners and barbecues twice a month.”

ITW/Paslode employees understand the importance of the local nonprofit sector – some know it first-hand. “Some of our employees are past recipients of United Way network services,” Sage said. “You don’t have to look very far to see someone in need. Today, that person might be blocks away, but tomorrow, it could be your neighbor.”

“I love United Way and what it does for our community,” Sage said.

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