International Paper “Makes It Count” with amazing $1.12+million UW campaign!

International Paper CompanyInternational Paper Corporation reports a fantastic campaign for United Way that has already raised over $1.12 million this year!

International Paper’s campaign theme of “Make It Count!” has certainly come to pass, as the organization is reporting a dramatic 10% increase in donor participation.

One of the keys to International Paper’s growing success has been using a Leadership Giver Breakfast at the start of the campaign. Donors giving $500.00 or more to United Way are invited to the event, along with employees who are identified as “potential” Leadership Givers. This year, the breakfast featured representatives from 25 different United Way partner agencies who shared first-hand what donations do to improve lives across our community. This year, 28 more International Paper employees became Leadership Givers.

International Paper now has 9 employees who are members of the prestigious Tocqueville Society, giving $10,000 or more each year to the United Way campaign. Two new members were added this year.

Over $703,000 was raised by employee giving and special events. International Paper’s generous 60 cents on the dollar matching program added over $421,000.

Balboni Ernst WantaWe’ll have much more to say about the volunteer team at International Paper and their great campaign in an upcoming edition of United Way Funds Flash, but we wanted to thank three International Paper volunteers here: John Balboni  (Sr. V.P. and C.I.O. Information Technology, and a member of the U.W. Board of Directors), Jon Ernst (V.P. Imaging Papers and U.W. Campaign Co-Chairman) and Greg Wanta (V.P. Foodservice and U.W. Campaign Chairman).

“Our employees are very involved in the community and they understand these donations make a difference,” Ernst said, adding, “I am proud to be a part of a company and group of people who continue to step up to the challenge every year.”

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