Interesting data: 2-1-1 help line provided info for more than 55,800 problems in 2010

Dial 2-1-1

2-1-1 is our region's one-call resource for information about nonprofit programs to help in times of need.

Ron Reid, agency manager for LINC / 2-1-1 in Memphis, reports that the area’s nonprofit information network helped 46,698 callers, providing references for 55,886 problems in 2010.

The 2-1-1 network is a partnership between the Memphis Public Library system and United Way of the Mid-South which helps people in need with information about local resources that may be able to help.

Of the calls received in 2010, over 4,500 were in regard to food and meals. Over 700 were about other basic services such as clothing. Housing and utility assistance calls surpassed 8,100, and over 4,800 questions were focused on income support and assistance. Over 1,600 calls were about health care and more than 1,000 calls were in regards to employment questions.

Across the state of Tennessee, 2-1-1 network sites received over 277,600 calls.

Here’s the breakdown of 2-1-1 calls in 2010 based upon issues/needs in the Memphis area:

Information services: 16,455
Housing and utilities: 8,158
Individual family & community support: 7,569
Legal, consumer & public safety: 6,150
Income support and assistance: 4,807
Food & meals: 4,569
Education: 2,013
Health care: 1,627
Employment: 1,061
Clothing, personal & household: 727
Mental health & addictions: 703
Disaster services: 677
Transportation: 402
Other gov’t. / economic services: 365
Volunteers & donations: 348
Arts, culture, recreation questions: 255

(Information shared with United Way courtesy of LINC/2-1-1. Call 2-1-1 with your questions about help from our local nonprofit network. The backup number is 901.415.2790.)

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