Fundraising News: Morgan Keegan campaign raises over $820,000 for United Way

campaign for the common good

Organizations across the Mid-South are conducting fundraising drives to support United Way's campaign for the common good.

Morgan Keegan employees found inspiration in their leadership this year after raising over $749,000 for the United Way campaign. The company provided a corporate gift of $71,000, combined for a grand total of over $820,000!

Many employees of Morgan Keegan, one of the area’s largest investment firms, sent out powerful messages that they were willing to give dollars, time and best ideas in solutions to the issues our community cares about the most.

Morgan Keegan has once again reported the highest employee participation rates in the region with 99% of its employees supporting United Way’s fundraising effort. This year, Employee Campaign Manager Jonathan Nordstorm, municipal product manager for Morgan Keegan, was intent on raising funds without sacrificing tried and true practices that included kickoffs with team captains and message emails throughout the drive.

Allen Morgan, Jr.

“We had a successful kickoff,” Nordstrom said, adding “John Carson helped get us get started with a letter to all the employees. We had great communication with all our team captains, discussing our campaign goals and what it took to get the job done.”

Carson, who is Chief Executive Officer at Morgan Keegan, said investing with United Way is a good idea because the organization works with many local charities and is an efficient way to cover a broad range of activities.

John Carson Jr.

“Although there is no corporate requirement for employees to give, at the end of the day, they know that it is important for them to try to do what they can for this community,” Carson said. “United Way has always been Morgan Keegan’s favorite way to give back to the community and the people who really need it,” he added.

Allen B. Morgan Jr., Chairman Emeritus of Morgan Keegan and Vice Chairman of Regions Financial Corporation, always shows tremendous support and is a champion for using United Way as the single campaign for deduction giving.

Charles Maxwell

Charles D. Maxwell, Morgan Keegan’s Chief Financial Officer, also helps guide the direction of our United Way as a member of our United Way of the Mid-South Board of Directors.

United Way thanks Morgan Keegan employees for their generosity to help people in our community!

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