Free Text4Baby service gives Moms, Moms-to-be and other caregivers great child care tips & information

United Way of the Mid-South is pleased to participate in the Text4Baby information campaign.

Text4Baby gives short, free informational text messages to mothers, mothers-to-be and caregives about prenatal care, raising healthy babies and being effective parents.

Promoting the Text4Baby campaign is part of United Way of the Mid-South’s work to promote a healthier community and help reduce our region’s infant morality rates.

To begin receiving Text4Baby messages, simply click the “sign up now” button on the artwork above. You will be taken to the Text4Baby website, where you can learn more about the free service. You can also send the text message BABY (or BEBE for Spanish language messages) to 511411to and be signed up.

Watch the YouTube video below, which shares the testimony of a young couple who are benefiting from the Text4Baby service.

(Note: YouTube places messages and advertisements after videos end on their service. Messages and advertisements which may appear after the video finishes are from YouTube, not from United Way of the Mid-South.)

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