First campaign countdown meeting shares insights about ongoing support drives as the fundraising season is underway

    From left, Faye Carter (sitting), Nicole Thomas (FedEx) and Bruce Haugsdahl participate in the organization's first campaign countdown.

From left, Faye Carter (sitting), Nicole Thomas (FedEx) and Bruce Haugsdahl participate in the organization’s first campaign countdown.

United Way recently held its first in-house campaign countdown meeting to review reports from the top 20 campaigns underway in the Mid-South.

The top divisions for the week were the Retail and Commercial areas. Division leaders change rankings each meeting, as weekly goals are reached or surpassed.

“Some divisions that are on top now will not always be our meeting’s leading or top campaigns,” said Faye Carter, Senior Vice President, Fundraising, “but we want to track our progress over the next several months so we can all stay on pace.”

Nicole Thomas, Communications Specialist at FedEx Services, said the FedEx division is getting the executive leadership branch of the company engaged, with officers at every level participating. FedEx’s United Way effort (which has led the area’s combined employee and corporate totals for many years) is focused on giving, volunteering, and doing community service.

Some businesses have already completed their campaigns this year, including ServiceMaster and International Paper. (Look for future stories about both company’s campaigns and totals.)

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