Enterprise Holdings reports a strong campaign thanks to ideas and information

Enterprise Holdings, the parent company of Enterprise, National and Alamo car rental companies, had a tremendous fundraising campaign which has raised over $135,615 for United Way. This is a large increase from last year’s impressive total of $97,594.

Employee giving surpassed $90,410 this year, and the company is donating a 50-cent-per-dollar match for an additional $45,205. The company has approximately 350 regional employees.

“We clearly had a fantastic campaign,” said Kristy Marter, Human Resources Manager for the West Tennessee Region of Enterprise Holdings. Marter is also the United Way campaign coordinator for Enterprise. “We used several ideas to spread the word about donating,” she reported.

This year, the company also reports its first Tocqueville Society member. Tocqueville members lead our community in philanthropy by giving $10,000 or more to the campaign in a single year.

United Way staff and Loaned Executives visited Enterprise Holdings offices, attended employee meetings, and provided information materials to help spread the word about United Way.

Adrienne Foster (UW Loaned Executive) and Kristy Marter (Human Resources Manager, West Tennessee Region, Enterprise Holdings)

“United Way’s staff and Loaned Executives addressed employee concerns about giving and answered our questions about United Way. That really made a big difference for our employees,” Marter said.

Marter presented Enterprise Holding’s totals during United Way’s campaign countdown rally last week, generating heartfelt applause from the fundraising team.

United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl and General Campaign Chairman John Crowe thanked Marter and Enterprise for the organization’s history of caring for our community through employee and corporate giving.

“When you see Enterprise’s results over the last few years, you can see they’re making a strong investment in the quality of life here in the Mid-South,” Haugsdahl said.

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