From the Archive: Free Tax Prep workshop helped organizations regain tax exempt status

United Way partners in the Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance (EITCA) recently presented a workshop at the Benjamin Hooks Library to help nonprofit organizations who have lost their tax-exempt status regain this important standard of operation.

Leaders from many nonprofits around Memphis and the Mid-South attended the January 20th workshop, which helps nonprofits better understand a revised tax law which may put an organization’s nonprofit status in jeopardy. If a nonprofit had not filed tax returns for three years, it was possible a group could lose this important status.

Jeraldine Hunter

Jeraldine Hunter

“I continue to get calls from agencies that attended the workshop and need additional assistance,” said Jeraldine Hunter, a volunteer ETICA Mobile Site Coordinator and IRS-enrolled agent who hosted the event. “I’m getting referral calls about other organizations that could not attend the workshop, but still need this information. Hopefully after tax season, we can look at having another workshop for organizations in Arkansas and Mississippi.”

Dana Pittman with Tennessee Land Trust  (a nonprofit dedicated to Tennessee historic preservation) said the workshop opened her eyes to what is needed do to comply with the revised law.

“I would like to thank United Way, the EITCA and Ms. Hunter for the wealth of information and help we received,” she said.  “I had been worrying about what to do regarding the loss of our exempt status and I’m very grateful to United Way of the Mid-South for seeking us out and inviting us to the workshop. I now feel I have everything I need to get our tax returns up-to-date and get our reinstatement application submitted.”

The number of regional nonprofit organizations that did not file for three years is in the thousands. The workshop provided an overview of what guidelines an organization needs to follow to reinstate their tax exempt status and information on what paperwork is important for filing (such as the 1023 and 1024 forms) with the IRS.

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