From the Archive: Free Tax Prep site forming at Hickory Ridge Mall, Grand Opening Jan. 28 (EITC Awareness Day)

Our Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance (EITCA) will hold the Grand Opening of its Hickory Ridge Mall location on Friday, January 28th in observation of the nation-wide EITC Awareness Day. (The site is currently under construction, and may be open as early as Jan. 21st for early visitors).

EITCA, in cooperation with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the Internal Revenue Service will celebrate the fifth annual national EITC Awareness Day with a celebration at the new site. The site helps people prepare their taxes for FREE so they can properly use the Earned Income Tax Credit without paying illegal high interest rates that are sometimes seen at local “rapid tax refund” organizations.

The EITC is a potentially life-changing tax credit that can substantially increase a family or person’s tax refund, if you qualify. This year’s event is particularly important in today’s economy – more workers may qualify due to reduced incomes. EITC can help make meeting expenses a little easier. The credit can increase a person’s federal income tax refunds from $2 to more than $5,666, depending on their individual circumstances. To get their EITC, people must know about the credit, then file and specifically claim it.

If you wish to visit the site for tax filing help, bring your necessary documentation. Call 2-1-1 (backup number 901.415.2790) for a list of items, along with locations of other EITCA and VITA sites in your neighborhood.

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