Eat, drink and be scary: Fundraising team dresses up to report successes across our community

Last week’s United Way campaign countdown meeting was a lot more colorful thanks to staff and Loaned Executives dressing up for the Halloween holiday

To cheers and loud applause, United Way celebrated its most recent campaign countdown meeting for the 2012-13 regional campaign, recognizing local divisions and companies that have supported our work to improve education, financial stability and health.

This meeting was more than a little different, thanks to a variety of Halloween costumes. All the outfits were very good, and a panel of United Way staff judges officially chose the “United Way Sorceress,” a basketball player and a gun-twirling cowgirl “who shoots first and asks questions later” as the best of the bunch.

United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl as “The Identity Thief” for the Halloween-themed campaign countdown meeting

Staff, volunteers and guests were entertained by Southwind High School students with multiple dance routines, bringing the crowd to their feet with standing ovations.

United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl led the meeting as the team reviewed fundraising successes.

“It’s great to see another successful week for our campaigns,” Haugsdahl said. “As we have these countdown meetings, let’s hope for continued strong results and even larger totals.”

United Way Staff and Loaned Executives waiting for the judges to deliver the results of the costume contest

The winners of the costume contest were:
Third Place – Marcia Moore
Second Place – Aureal Anderson
First Place – Lisa Bingham

The following divisions had significantly impressive results last week:

  • Major Firms 3C  (division chairmen Doug Dearden, David May and Mike Crosson)
  • Agencies 8 (division chairmen Sean Lee, Robert Houget, Mark Dean)
  • Government 7A-J (division chairmen George Little, Quinton Robinson, Von Goodloe, Keith McDonald, Eva Mosby, Walter Crews)
  • F.I.R.E. 4-C (division chairmen Gene Henson, Tom Martin and Alvin Tarsi)
  • Services 4-B (division chairmen Lee Meredith and Dan Marks)
  • Commercial 6 (division chairmen Bruce Efird, Ursula Roman, Alvin Pearson, Chuck Thomas, Brienne Smith, Jane Kerr, Charles Aiken)
  • Professionals 11 (division chairmen Bill Drummond, Matt Stone, Steve Dean, Scott Barry, Sheila Jordan Cunningham, Marko Rajamaa, Beth Welter, Mark Allen)
  • Education 5 (division chairman Paul Harter)
  • Combined Federal Campaign (division chairmen RADM Carroll, CAPT. Fimple)
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