Did You Know: Your United Way support helps programs that can lead to better housing

This story comes courtesy of Marcus Manning, President of Hernando-DeSoto Habitat for Humanity. Names and photos are changed to protect privacy.


Angel and her two children live in a safer environment thanks to your support of United Way's network of care

Angel is the mother of two young children, soon to be teenagers, and she did not want them to be raised in an environment filled with criminal activity and violence. Her attempts to raise them in a safe neighborhood could not be realized in their subsidized apartment complex. Angel was paying rent and seeing no capital investment in her future. Many nights, Angel would stay awake and try to comfort her two children because of the violence outside, where police cruisers and young people being carted away in handcuffs were commonplace sights.

Angel was employed as a full time hotel cleaning staff member and had a dream of living in her own home, but she was never able to qualify for a construction loan at the bank. A friend suggested she contact Hernando-DeSoto Habitat for Humanity, a United Way partner agency. After making contact, she began a partnership and worked with the agency for seven months.

“Today, Angel and her children live in their own home, on their own land, which she and her children built in partnership with hundreds of Habitat for Humanity volunteers,” said the agency counselor. “Funding from United Way of the Mid-South paid for 15% of the materials utilized to build their home.”

After Angel finishes paying her 20-year interest free mortgage, she will own her home. Your support of United Way is helping Angel build financial capital and a more secure future for her family.

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