Did you know: Your United Way network helps seniors suffering from dementia, alzheimers

Your support of United Way helps area senior citizens

Many seniors in day care programs show improvements in motor skills & self-reliance

This story comes courtesy of Margaret Fleming at the Tipton County Commission on Aging, one of United Way’s nonprofit partners in our “improving health for adults and seniors” issue area. As with all nonprofit client stories, we have changed names and images for privacy reasons.

Amanda and her husband had been loyal contributors to United Way through workplace fundraising campaigns for years, never thinking they would need help from our network of partners. Then suddenly last year, Amanda’s father began experiencing significant memory loss and dementia.

“Now I see the benefits of United Way’s work first-hand,” Amanda explained. “We were able to find help for my father with an organization that cares for seniors with dementia.”

Amanda’s father was forced into early retirement due to rapid onset dementia. Amanda’s mother made the difficlut transition from housewife to full-time caregiver for her husband, but over time her own health challenges made it necessary to seek additional help.

“This was such an unexpected change… my father was such a talented man who could do, repair or build anything,” said Amanda. “He went from being a very self-sufficient man to one who struggled to take care of his basic needs, requiring 24-hour care.”

After her father was enrolled in daily services at the center, Amanda and her family were impressed to see that her father’s daily dementia/Alzheimer’s care was administered by a registered nurse. He was admitted in The Club, a special treatment program where staff work with him day in and day out to help improve his motor skills.

“My father attends The Club one or two days a week,” Amanda noted. “The staff is all so caring. They are helping my father with his ability to eat on his own. The center helped my father, but also my mother. She now has a few hours per week for her needs.” Amanda’s mother recently joined a senior adult leadership class and enjoys time to rest and run errands.

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