From the Archive: Crittenden County network partners receiving nearly $39,000 from United Way

Health and human service nonprofits working to improve education, financial stability and health in Crittenden County, AR will receive nearly $39,000 as a result of decisions from United Way of the Mid-South allocations committees.

United Way of the Mid-South has several nonprofit agency partners working in Crittenden County and United Way allocations volunteers have directed nearly $39,000 to help those agencies improve education, income and health.

Cindy Greenwood

Cindy Greenwood, who leads the Crittenden County allocations committee for United Way, was pleased that partner organizations in the county do so much to impact people’s lives.

“We meet with representatives from each of the agencies requesting United Way funds and make certain their agency is active in making a positive impact for Crittenden County,” Greenwood said.

Allocations committee members include Ana Beth Bartholomew, Kim Jordan-Fluker, Mary Beth Liubel and Dianna Nicks.

Agencies that will receive funding are:
American Red Cross, Mid-South Chapter (provides immediate disaster response and preparedness)
Boy Scouts of America (offers comprehensive youth development program, emphasizing personal growth)
Council of Friendship, Inc. (provides educational, economic and other support to low to moderate income families)
DeltaArts (imaginative arts education)
East Arkansas Youth Services, Inc. (provides positive alternatives to child institution)
Girl Scouts Heart of the South (girls ages 5-17 can discover fun, friendship and courage)
Legal Aid of Arkansas (offers free civil legal assistance to low to moderate income families)
Search Dogs South (provides trained search dogs and handlers for lost and missing persons)

Funds that are distributed by allocations committees come from organizations that conduct United Way fundraising campaigns in Crittenden County including Center Point Energy, Coca Cola, Crittenden Regional Hospital, Kroger, Regions, Ryerson Tull, Suntrust and Wal-Mart Supercenter, among others.

“We have a lot of good things going on in Crittenden and it is so nice to see how United Way donations are really making a difference in these agency programs that help people in our county,” Greenwood said.

“United Way is grateful for support these companies give to the Crittenden County. They make our work possible and help each of the funded agencies provide valuable services to citizens. They are to be commended for making the commitment to be community leaders,” said Nidia Logan, Director of Community Impact at United Way and lead staff for Crittenden County.

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