Citizens are using DonorsChoose.org cards, providing over $22,500 for local school projects so far!

Great News!  People using the donorschoose.org cards have already directed $22,550 for Memphis City School teachers’ projects, fully funding 400 projects in the past month! (See our earlier story about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding of school projects in our area here).

Using the donorschoose.org cards, you can direct $25.00 to a project without spending any of your own money. donorschoose.orgTo date, 902 gift cards have been redeemed, which means that over 13,990 gift cards are still out there, waiting to be used. If you haven’t used your card yet, you can still use it to provide funding for the 831 local projects that remain on the DonorsChoose.org website at www.donorschoose.org/memphis2011
If you haven’t redeemed your card yet, please do so today! If you have cards in your office, car, or kitchen that you will not be able to use, please pass them on to somebody else or return them to Janet Haas (901-433-4333) at United Way of the Mid-South today so we can get them to others before they expire on Friday, April 1.

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