CIM training takes place throughout the year, gathering data for more effective community decision-making

CIM training takes place throughout the year to increase the number of citizens familiar with the we-based software.

Earlier today, a session of Community Issues Management (CIM) technical training took place in our United Way Boardroom.

Training sessions are conducted throughout the year to help people become connected with this informative, web-based system for community engagement between organizations and the public.

Tehrian Martin (standing, center) leads a training session earlier today at our United Way Boardroom

With the data gathered through CIM, people are able to improve community decision-making. Using CIM engages people in ways that promote understanding, strategic collaborations and the wise use of resources.

To learn more about CIM training, please contact Tehrian Martin at tehrian.martin@uwmidsouth.org .  You can visit CIM at www.cim-network.org/uwms

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