CIM training continues; database growing with Mid-South information

Tehrian Martin teaching CIM

United Way's Tehrian Martin is training people in organizations across the city about the use of CIM

Several United Way staff members continued in Community Issues Management (CIM) training sessions today, learning more about how this impressive data collection tool can help provide information for better decision making on our region’s important issues.

Staff trainer Tehrian Martin (pictured) explained how the software and data can provide meaningful information and measures related to issues such as poverty, education, social services and industry, just to name a few.

United Way staff members discussed the opportunties related to collecting data and the need for continued, increasing partnerships with varying sectors to keep the project moving forward.

CIM’s value as a Mid-South¬†information resource will only increase as more data is entered into the system. Martin and others are currently engaged in training local organizations about using the tool and providing data on local issues.

You can visit CIM online at www.cim-network.org/uwms

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Dave Skorupa is Director of Communications at United Way of the Mid-South, Memphis, TN.
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