CIM migration from version 2.0 to 3.0 helps address Mid-South data collection and sharing efforts

community issues management CIMAll this week, the Community Issues Management system is revealing big changes as it migrates from version 2.0 to a new and improved 3.0 system.

(CIM) is a data collection and mapping system that allows people to identify community resources and challenges. It is designed for local and regional organizations and is an important tool for community engagement, fostering participation in transparent, data informed and collaborative decision making. Once the migration to version 3.0 is complete, all users CIM will receive an email to register in 3.0 for newer, faster and more in-depth features for gathering data.

CIM is built on a foundation that provides open access to public data, with users being able to make maps, reports and search issue-specific content in the CIM library. Using these tools, CIM users can explore how communities across the U.S. are addressing pressing concerns. To learn more about CIM, download this PDF document  which contains additional information.

While this migration is occurring, we are asking all CIM users to complete a CIM Survey. Your feedback is very important to us. The survey is located at  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CIMUSERSURVEY

If you have any CIM-related questions, please contact Tehrian Martin at tehrian.martin@uwmidsouth.org or at 901-433-4330.

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