CIM Issue Notebook: Youth Violence Prevention

community issues management CIM

CIM issue notebooks provide useful information related to local issues

United Way’s work with the Community Issues Management (CIM) software helps produce issue notebooks on areas that are of great importance to our Mid-South region.

United Way’s work to help youth succeed is focused on many aspects of improving the lives of local young people, including decreasing the number of students involved in gangs, drugs, and other negative influences. To learn more about youth violence prevention in our area, click on the link below to access the CIM Issue Notebook on Youth Violence Prevention .

Here at the United Way News Center, we will continue to bring you updates on the creation of issue notebooks so you can learn more about CIM and this data which can be used to help improve our Mid-South community. As more partners use CIM to record data about the Mid-South, these notebooks become an ever-increasing source for information that impacts us all.

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For more information about CIM training for your organization, please contact Tehrian Martin at 901.433.4330 or send a message to tehrian.martin@uwmidsouth.org

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