CIM continues to grow, providing important information

community issues management CIM

CIM is a valuable information sharing tool for the Mid-South

Community Issues Management (CIM) is a growing database of community information which allows United Way and other planning partners to make more informed decisions about improving our community.

 United Way, along with the Assisi Foundation, LINC/211 and the Memphis Public Library system, the University of Memphis, the City of Memphis, Shelby County Government, the United Way Executives Association and other planning partners are working together to launch this exciting new tool available for free to all Mid-Southerners.

 CIM is a web-based system housing over 600 national datasets as well as information developed by local, regional and state entities.  CIM is also designed for community engagement between organizations and the public to improve community decision making, using facilitation technologies to engage people in promoting understanding, strategic collaborations and the wise use of resources.

CIM is a great place where the public and organizations will be able to find:

  • Statistical data for reports and grant writing
  • Locations of community assets
  • Areas of greatest community need
  • Information to help build a better understanding of community problems as well as solutions
  • Ideas on how to take action to make a difference in the community

On the CIM website users can also create geo-coded maps and comparative statistical reports.  We continue to upload community data and have several organizations providing pertinent information. This partnership is still in its “infancy,” but the amount of information housed in CIM continues to grow each week.

To learn more, visit CIM online today.


About Dave Skorupa

Dave Skorupa is Director of Communications at United Way of the Mid-South, Memphis, TN.
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