Campaign Countdown Meetings: Large number of divisions report goal-topping generosity during busy November season

(From left) John Crowe, Lee Warren and Adrienne Foster talk about divisional results at this week's United Way Campaign Countdown meeting

November is always a busy month for United Way. More donations are raised in this month than any other as the fundraising drive heads into the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Compared to the zaniness of last week’s meeting featuring Halloween costumes, this week’s campaign countdown session was somewhat more sedate – but there was still plenty of excitement as staff, Loaned Executives and volunteers reported about the progress of fundraising drives across our region.

Senior Vice President of Fundraising Faye Carter encouraged speakers to provide details about how fundraising efforts were progressing across divisions. United Way is pleased to announce that DeSoto County Schools employees are participating in the drive for their first campaign since 2007. Also, Baker Donelson Law Firm kicked off its campaign, thanks in part to Sheila Jordan Cunningham, featuring  agency speakers from Catholic Charities and Memphis Center for Independent Living. Methodist Hospital also kicks off its campaign this month with a goal of $550,000. (More information on Methodist’s kickoff will be featured later this month on the United Way News Center).

Jay Bufford (left) and Casel Jones reported the Unions division surpassed its goal for the weekly meeting

Divisional Wrapup: Data from the following divisions was particularly impressive: Services 4B raised 311% of its goal for the week, due in part to the wrapup of the Embassy Suites fundraising drive (division chairmen Lee Meredith and Dan Marks). Tate 15D reports it has raised 270% of its weekly goal, with special thanks to the Sam’s Town casino and Harrah’s Casino campaign kickoff (division chairmen Greg Gough and Suzy Hawkins). Government 7A-J reported 215% of goal because of employee drives at Cargill, MLGW, General Services and Airport Authority (division chairmen George Little, Quinton Robinson, Von Goodloe, Keith McDonald, Eva Mosby and Walter Crews). FedEx reported its campaign was 197% over goal for the week, and shared that the FedEx/UW Golf Tournament raised $32,000, the FedEx auction raised $37,000 and the great news that there are 10 new “step-up” members in the Tocqueville Society (division chairmen Shannon Brown, Vicki Carayiannis and Traci Stubblefield). Major Firms 3-B reported 155.8% of goal this week as Carrier kicked off its campaign (division chairman Joe DiNicolantonio). The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)  was at 143% of goal this week. CFC Loaned Executive and volunteer leader George Edwards highlighted that the United States Postal Service, despite layoffs, has 15 Leadership Givers (division chairmen Carolyn Chapman, RADM Donald Quinn, CAPT Stephen Fimple). Commercial 6 reached 140% of its goal (division chairmen Bruce Efird, Ursula Roman, Alvin Pearson, Chuck Thomas, Brienne Smith, Jane Kerr, Charles Aiken). The Tocqueville Society 12A was up this week at 137% of goal, thanks to givers at FTN Financial, Morgan Keegan and FedEx (division chairman Joshua Lipman). Metropolitan 9 reports  134% of goal (division chairmen Tom Colanero, Hank Hall, Darrell Adams, Rick Brantley). F.I.R.E. 4C reports 133% of goal, due in part to Gerber Taylor’s gift of $31,000. A special guest reported for the Unions divisions as Jay Bufford shared that Unions 10 division reached 132% of goal (division chairman Irvin Calliste). Agencies 8 reported the division was at 124% of goal thanks in part to campaigns at Synergy, Volunteer Mid-South and YMCA (division chairmen Sean Lee, Robert Houget and Mark Dean). Tipton 14C was at 122% of goal thanks to help from the Tipton and Lauderdale County school campaigns (division chairmen Lori Spencer and Varissa Richardson).

From left, LaSherlette Jones, Robin McNeil and Janice Frazier-Scott who reported for the Higher Education division of the campaign.

(From left) LaSherlette Jones, Robin McNeil and Janice Frazier-Scott

Higher Education 5G reported 106.4% of goal and special guest Janice Frazier-Scott with Southern College of Optometry gave a very impressive testimonial about the work at the school to support the fundraising drive. Frazier-Scott, who worked for FedEx over 20 years, knew about United Way before she started work for the college. Frazier-Scott said that this year’s campaign increased the focus on sharing information.

“We pulled together a social committee and we had them come out and do some training and attended the campaign kickoff meeting,” Frazier-Scott said. “A representative from Memphis Child Advocacy Center spoke and it turned out that one of my co-workers had previously worked there and knew about all of the things the Center does in our community. Our goal was $2,000. We surpassed that, raising over $4,000!” (The division is led by chairmen Dr. William Troutt and Susan Crenshaw.)

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