“Campaign Countdown” meetings help keep staff, Loaned Executives and volunteers on track

Countdown meetings are helpful sessions that give United Way staff, Loaned Executives & volunteers an opportunity to track fundraising success during the busy campaign season

Yesterday afternoon, United Way staff, Loaned Executives and volunteers came together for the first of many “campaign countdown” meetings to share results-to-date on their work for this year’s fundraising campaign.

“Measuring your successes as you go is important to reaching any long-term goal,” said Faye Carter, Sr. Vice President of Fundraising.

There were many successes to report in yesterday’s meeting. While we are in the early weeks of the new campaign and the majority of workplace fundraising drives are still underway, measuring helps United Way celebrate successes-to-date while simultaneously identifying areas for potential growth.

Sr. Vice President of Fundraising Faye Carter (standing, left) speaks to the group about the process of an average "campaign countdown" meeting

Visiting volunteers from Cargill and Kellogg’s Memphis Plant spoke about the fundraising successes at their organizations.

Ruth Rawlings Banks (a long-time United Way volunteer champion) and Joe Brand gave an overview of the Cargill campaign and shared how special events like a golf tournament fundraiser and Union support from UFCW Local 1529 were helpful parts of Cargill’s United Way drive.

(From left) Joe Brand and Ruth Rawlings Banks from Cargill report on their success with United Way Sr. Fundraising Associate Reginald Green

Karen Flyodl and Karen Dee Williams provided an update on the Kellogg’s Memphis Plant campaign and shared how visiting United Way partner agencies has encouraged support for the fundraising drive. Williams noted that visiting agencies where United Way support helps our community “really enlightened” some of her co-workers about how their gifts make a difference in people’s lives everyday.

Karen Dee Williams (left, arms extended) and Karen Flyodl (far right) share information about the great campaign at Kellogg's Memphis Plant

Divisional Wrapup: Data from the following divisions was particularly impressive:
International Paper (division chairman John Balboni) shows amazing results and could result in one of their greatest drives. The campaign at FedEx (division chairmen Shannon Brown, Vicki Carayiannis, Traci Stubblefield) also posted a very impressive total-to-date of $1.75 million.

Loaned Executive Stefanie Schwegman (from FedEx, standing) shares some highlights from the past week's efforts

Other divisions with great results include: The Combined Federal Campaign (division chairmen Carolyn Chapman, RADM Donald Quinn, CAPT Stephen Fimple), Major Gifts 20 (division chairman Joshua S Lipman), Major Firms 3B (division chairman Joe DiNicolantonio), Major Firms 3C (division chairmen Dr. Reginald Coopwood, Doug Dowdell), Tipton 14C (division chairwomen Lori Spencer, Varissa Richardson), Metropolitan 9 (division chairmen Tom Colanero, Hank Hall, Darrell Adams, Rick Brantley), Unions 10 (division chairman Irvin Calliste), Services 4B (division chairmen Lee Meredith, Dan Marks), Commercial 6 (division chairmen Bruce Efird, Ursula Roman, Alvin Pearson, Chuck Thomas, Brienne Smith, Jane Kerr, Charles Aiken).

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