Campaign Cabinet grows to support fundraising drive, outstanding increase in volunteers

John Crowe

General Campaign Chairman John Crowe is helping increase the number of volunteers serving on our regional Campaign Cabinet

This year’s United Way Campaign Cabinet has a great number of volunteers thanks to the leadership of General Campaign Chairman John Crowe.

Our fundraising drive officially kicks off in September (several organizations are starting earlier) and our Cabinet already has 81 volunteers, up from last year’s impressive number of 46! This means there will be more people helping oversee drives in divisions around the region.

Faye Carter, United Way’s Senior V.P. of Community Alignment & Fundraising, calls the increase “just outstanding,” and credits Crowe’s leadership for playing a large part in the team’s growth. Crowe is Chairman & CEO for Buckeye Technologies, Inc. in Memphis, TN.

United Way’s Campaign Cabinet is made up of leaders throughout our area who help assist the General Campaign Chairman, steering and advising fundraising drives in different business sectors. We thank all our Campaign Cabinet volunteers for the meetings, phone calls, e-mails and other ways they help raise support for our work to improve education, financial stability and health for people across the Mid-South.

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