Americans “embrace our shared responsibility” during National Volunteer Week

volunteeringPresident Obama has declared this week “National Volunteer Week.” In a proclamation, the President stated:

Through countless acts of kindness, generosity, and service, Americans recognize that we are all bound together — that we move this country forward by giving of ourselves to others and caring for those around us. Every day, Americans carry forward the tradition of service embedded in our character as a people. And as we celebrate National Volunteer Week, we embrace our shared responsibility to one another and recommit to the task of building a more perfect Union.

By performing acts of service, we can shape a Nation big enough and bold enough to accommodate the hopes of all our people. Across our country, volunteers open doors of opportunity, pave avenues of success, fortify their communities, and lay the foundation for tomorrow’s growth and prosperity. They are often equipped with few resources and gain little recognition, yet because of their service, our country is a better and a stronger force for good.

You can read the rest of the proclamation on the White House website here.



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Dave Skorupa is a member of the Communications team at United Way of the Mid-South, Memphis, TN.
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