Allocations volunteers: making the tough decisions that impact the Mid-South’s quality of life

You’ve decided to make an investment in our community by giving to United Way – how is your gift used to make a difference for the common good?

Allocations volunteers “do the homework” on local needs and nonprofit programs, making the tough decisions about where to send funding so it can make the biggest impact on local challenges. Click on the image above for a listing of local citizens serving the Mid-South in this tremendous volunteer role as an 8.5″ x 11″ Adobe Acrobat PDF document.

Your support is used in many ways to impact many lives, and one of United Way’s largest engines for improving education, financial stability and health is our allocations funding process.

In this process, volunteers from across the Mid-South come together to examine local needs, analyze the work and budgets of local nonprofit programs, and make decisions about where to direct community funding (like your donation) to underwrite programs and agencies that make a difference on local issues.

These decisions are never easy. Local problems are so complex and interconnected that it takes multiple years of funding on specific areas of concern to produce measurable differences. As one staff leader says, “sometimes being an allocations volunteer can feel like being on the road and having two flat tires – with only one spare in the trunk. You know you need more than you have, but you do the best with what’s available.”

The tremendous work these volunteers do for our community makes a vital difference in our area’s quality of life. We thank our allocations volunteers for their selfless service!

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