Stories: A call to 2-1-1 helped 91-year-old William from being swindled out of his home

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When you need nonprofit help, calling 2-1-1 is your best first step for information and referral to local services.


This story comes courtesy of Ron Reid, Senior Agency Manager for our local 2-1-1 network. Names are changed for privacy reasons.

William an 91-year-old gentleman with no family and living alone, was about to be evicted from the home where he had lived all his life. The eviction was served due to his inability to pay for repairs a contractor had made on the home.

William approached a local nonprofit organization for help. The nonprofit professional listened to William’s story, and thought there was something about the behavior of the contractor that just didn’t seem right. She suspected the contractor might have taken advantage of William’s advanced age by having him sign a puzzling work order. She wasn’t sure which local service could help, but she did know that the professional operators at 2-1-1 would have the answer!

Within moments, a call to our local 2-1-1 network produced a short list of nonprofit legal service organizations that would be willing to look over the contract and make sure William’s legal rights were protected.

Following the 2-1-1 operator’s instructions, William was matched with a nonprofit attorney who reviewed the situation and immediately took steps to keep him from being evicted. The attorney suspected the contractor had indeed violated William’s legal rights. He contacted the appropriate authorities for possible legal action against the contractor.

“It turned out to be the contractor’s fault after all,” the agency counselor said. “We were so glad to see that William will be able to hopefully live the rest of his years in the comfort of his own home!”

Thanks to your support of United Way and the 2-1-1 network, trained information and referral is available to cut through the red tape of seeking assistance. If you need help, just dial the three-digit number 2-1-1 (or call the backup number of 901.415.2790) today.

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