2-1-1 “especially invaluable in times of natural disaster” – The Congressional Record, May 10, 2011

Earlier this week in the House of Representatives, Hon. Lee Terry (Nebraska) paid tribute to the dedicated professionals who work for information and referral systems across America. Terry gave particular praise to the network of 2-1-1 organizations across the nation.

Dial 2-1-1

2-1-1 is our region's one-call resource for information about nonprofit programs to help in times of need.

“The importance of the information and referral service is that it links consumers with the most appropriate service that they may need, whether it be for housing, nutrition, job training, transportation service or long-term care options counseling. Information and referral and 2-1-1s have proven to be especially invaluable in times of natural disasters in our nation, working in conjunction with first responders to provide help to persons in need.”

Terry’s remarks were delivered on Tuesday, May 10, and extensions of his remarks are published in The Congressional Record. He urged his colleagues “to become more familiar with the information and referral and 2-1-1 programs in their districts”.

For more information on our local 2-1-1 system, see our information page here.

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